Hayward City Council Slashes Worker Pay Up to 27% While Lining Own Pockets

It's bad enough that Hayward politicians have hurt families and our community by deeply slashing the pay of city workers. But it’s worse than that.

While cutting worker salaries by up to 27%, the Hayward City Council spiked their own pay, and they are already among the highest-paid part-time City Councils in the Bay Area.

Since 2010, Hayward workers have seen their pay cut by at least 17% and in some cases up to 27%. Over the same period of time, Hayward politicians have spiked their own pay and benefits by as much as 45%. The politicians receive a stipend and benefits that have increased in cost over time. The council has not cut their benefits in a manner consistent with what they have forced on other city employees.  


2009 Wages/Benefit

2012 Wages/Benefit

Compensation Increase

Mayor Mike Sweeney




Member Mark Salinas




Member Marv Peixoto




Member Barbara Halliday




Member Francisco Zermeño




Hayward City Council members do not pay anything toward their pension and can receive benefits without going through an at least 10-year vesting period, which their employees have to do.

Even if politicians serve only one term on the Hayward City Council, they receive LIFETIME healthcare and retirement benefits. It is unfair that employees have to work full time for 10 years to be eligible for the same benefits, but politicians only has to serve part time for five years.

Picking the pocket of workers, while lining their own, is unjust and hypocritical.

In this time of growing inequality, we must stand for fairness and justice! We need real reform by demanding the Hayward City Council stop harming Hayward workers, businesses and the community NOW and end their own hypocrisy.

Join us today! Sign the petition!

Hayward Businesses Support Hayward Workers


"I support Hayward workers. I am a union man for 30 years, and I know what it’s like to go through tough times, but the economy is picking up. The city workers have been giving and giving, you can only give so much. The city needs to do the right thing for the workers and our community".

- Alfredo Rodriguez, Owner of Vintage Alley and longtime Hayward resident


"Unions are just trying to keep working and middle class jobs safe and wages fair. City workers just want to be able to provide for their families without fear of losing their homes or their jobs."

- Pete Schaaphok, Owner of Music Depot in Hayward and IUOE Local 39 member


"I am for the workers of Hayward. How can administrators and managers give themselves raises and ask their workers to continue to take pay cuts? They should be fair and honest with the residents, and also respect the workers."

- Carolyn Leandro, Owner of St. Gabriel's Catholic Books and Gifts



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